Social Analytics

Sort through the noise
Understand your customers

How We Help

Your customers have been reporting valuable feedback about your business online in the form of review sites, social media, surveys, forums, and a number of other channels. The issue is that unstructured and disorganized text which is difficult to analyze at scale. Quantyst couples machine learning with human oversight to automatically analyze text from any social media channel, so you can understand what is most important to your customers.

Predict Trends & Analyze Sentiment

Quantyst uses advanced machine learning algorithms to uncover trends, gauge brand perception, remove blind spots, and discover unexpected problems.

  • Detect positive and negative sentiment across all social media
  • Automatically detect and predict the rise and fall of trends
  • Construct a model of related posts, sentiment, and themes, so you can reveal what’s behind customer loyalty, or what’s causing points of friction

Engagement Data

Sort through the noise and build a true picture of how individual customers interact with your brand. Aggregate social media mentions, analyze sentiment, identify behavioral triggers, reduce churn, uncover points of friction, improve brand reputation, and increase revenue.

  • Track likes, views, favorites, replies, retweets and shares from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others
  • Uncover trends by tracking the highest performing content across all social networks
  • Leverage machine learning algorithms to track trend lifecycles and determine if a trend in on an incline or decline

Brand Perception

Uncover priceless data about what people think of your brands and products, allowing you to optimize performance, make intelligent decisions, and prioritize actions that will have the greatest impact.

  • Automatically identify negative posts and mentions in real time resolve issues faster
  • Target feedback that is most important for your brand’s reputation by pinpointing relevant conversations
  • Optimize your business process by uncovering location or product specific issues

Key Performance Indicators

Leverage ready to use datasets to automate and prepare data. Build models to be able to accomplish faster time to value.

  • Monitor KPIs across all social media channels
  • Deploy KPI frameworks that are designed to measure performance of campaigns, brand perception, and track issues
  • Visualize changes over time and compare with related datasets to gain a unique perspective