Marketing Analytics

Extract Data From Multiple Channels
Make Smarter Decisions

Marketing Insights

Leveraging our advanced machine learning models, gain priceless marketing insights to generate better ROI.

  • Discover the best communication channels to reach customers
  • Maximize response rates
  • Optimize campaigns
  • Increase customer lifetime value

Digital Marketing

Condense all of your marketing channels , reducing complexity and allowing you to actually make use of all your data.

  • Uncover the initiatives that result in the greatest impact
  • Visualize real time performance for metrics between every channel
  • Analyze revenue contribution, cost, and performance

Predict Responses

With so many marketing options, Quantyst helps top marketers decide which actions will yield the best response rate.

  • Target high-value customers in campaigns
  • ¬†Predict changes to customer behavior by refining campaign activities
  • Maximize response rates and increase ROI

Audience Analysis

Invigorate your marketing programs and automate initiatives with machine learning fueled audience analysis to implement custom messages.

  • Analyze targets based on age, interests, location, and more
  • Compare similar and matching data to understand what works
  • Discover which targets are cost-effective and are worth further investment